Quality Policy


PANMETAL's vision is to meet the needs of its customers by ensuring product quality, by implementing and monitoring all processes related to the supply of raw materials, production and quality control, shipment as well as after sales service.

For this purpose, the PANMETAL:

We work closely with clients with attention and interest so as to fully understand their needs and provide the best possible solution for their needs.

We ensure the timely delivery of products to the customer.

We choose our suppliers in terms of the most modern technology available, their position in the international market and high standards of their products and their commitment to quality.

We monitor post sale customer satisfaction for the products and services, that have been delivered and we are always available for continued cooperation.

To achieve this, the PANMETAL is using modern machinery, incorporates modern technologies, quality products while a quality assurance system as ISO 9001/2000, is fully attuned to the needs and objectives.

All of us, the management and employees in PANMETAL, believe in continuous improvement, we are committed to the following objectives:


The faithful implementation and continuous improvement of the quality assurance system by ISO 9001/2000.
Full training and development for staff so as to ensure a high level of expertise and making clear the processes for achieving high quality.
The constant modernization and automation of office equipment, technical and other services, as well as warehouses.
To improve communication and cooperation between different parts of the company.
The transfer of know-how for all the latest developments to our customers.
Minimize the complaints of customers and to facilitate contact with them to verify the satisfaction of their demands and expectations.

We believe that all these have resulted in- not only the best possible presence to the market, but also a sense of pride and satisfaction for all the management and employees, working for the progress of PANMETAL



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