Wire Products

Gabions are manufactured from hexagonal wire mesh with opening either 6x8 or 8x10cm with heavily galvanised, heavily galvanised with PVC or with  Zn95Al5 coating (type GALFAN) and can be produced in various dimensions (length Χ width Χ height).



Excellent environmental and aesthetic impact.

Easily covered by flora, thus not altering the appearance of the local landscape.

Surface elasticity and application to soil anomalies.

Minimum interference in the ecosystem equilibrium due to the material inertia.



Reduced earthwork preparation.

No requirements for drainage and channeling of water.

On the spot assembly.

Installation even from moderately skilled personnel.

Minimum maintenance.

Simple installation all year round


...Robust Construction

Ideal for soil retention and water channelling.




Durable, due to high quality of materials and manufacture.



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