Advantages from their use


Flexibility :
Superior compared with any other structure. Constructions made by hexagonal mesh allow for adjustment to any conditions of surface without damaging and straining the structure.

Permeable :
Gabion structures facilitate water to pass through, whilst it prevents pressure to build up, in order to guarantee that the structure is properly drained at all times.

Robust :
Gabion structures can withstand forces exerted by earth masses and water.

Economical :
Rocks and stones for filling the gabions are regularly sourced on or near the work site. Lack of foundation works and no maintenance.

Adaptation :
Stones allow gabion structures to be aesthetically appealing allowing local flora to grow again.  Gabions in time fill up with soil, a process that facilitates the growth of flora which in turn will facilitate the further bonding of the stones.

Simplicity :
Even unskilled personnel can quickly assemble any gabion product.

Maintenance :
Straight forward and simple by using additional wire or mesh.

Functionality :
Gabion structures are functional instantly with their  completion.  

Extendability :
Gabion structures can be extended easily by attaching extra units to the preexistent ones.


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